now i know what your tinking? its tails againe rigth. no its not its his future sun that i created? hers the story? when dr egmane tried to destroiye sonic? he fond a plane he wanted to invent a time machine to see how poworfull he was? then kill sonic so he made that machine but it started too soon? when tails saw the time going faster he tried to stop it? sonic thers a probleme with the time? you think its my feult tails hesited and didn't care enimore? so he got to bed with sonic!  the next day tails hade desepired? tails where are you sonic said. then sonic figured that he wasn't at his house? he was freaking out? then he heard a familier voice coming from bihind? tails? sonic said.   ho yes your'e friend vanished? the voice sonded hi pitched like if it was a child talking? sonic looked behind him and he saw a two tailed fox child? ho god sonic said in his head?  are you ok said the voice im miles power sonic thought that it was tails but he was wrong? im your friends future sun sonic then said ok do you want to join me? miles power gladlie axcepted? where is egman said sonic? 

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