Jorge the staber is an insane Man that was never arested! He cuts people by walking! But No one hase Time to see him stabe! One of m'y friends was stabed by him hers his story. Hello im Jackson? I think im followed by an insane Man! It all bigan when i was walking close to the park. I saw someone folowing me! He hade a black jacket end black pants! I stoped for à minute And i saw him carying a sword he was runing! To me. So i runed away but he was still bihind me! I said "what do you want" he said "im gona stabe you" i wase creeped off! I was blocked by a wall And he came And stabed me on the arm! Beafor i blackedoff i heard a gun shot! I woke up in the hospital. I said "Who was this Man" the doctor hade a voice that seemed to be from tails but the 15 y ears old version! He said " he was a killer" the doctor looked woried! But they puted me to sleep! I dreamed of a forest! I was alone but i heard footsteps! Geting close to me! And there was a gunshot. I saw a Fox lying on the grond And Then i woke up! In m'y house! But utside m'y house. I see the killer with hise sword coming closer!