i got in Walt-disney world? but now I know that walt-Disney has dark magic? I fond it the hard way? as I was in magic kingdom a storm was coming? me: ho great there's a storm coming? we started to walk in treasure Island? yes the abandon place in the abandon by Disney creepypasta? it was really calme I heard voices? but there was no one. me: no it's a creepypasta it's not real? then I saw papers? and everything was closed? Even the rides. I heard lauching in the closed places? me: Hello? someone appeared behind me and druged my Friends? I looked behind me and saw them dead? i saw a needle next to them? then someone said drugs are bad for you? then a smille came out of the stranger. stranger: smille or you Will die? then he runed to me with a drugged needle? stranger: think fast? i runed to a door that was broken? it led me in an office? then the drugged stranger was shot by a gun? then Walter- Disneys sun came closer to me and said run for your life? then a Mickey mous costume was watching me? he had sharp teeth and a saw? like in Tristan's suicide mouse dream? mickey mouse: you saw'd me HAHAHA? i was backing up? Mickey runed at me with an impressive speed? Bringning is saw with blood on it? he was a demon? i was Running as faste as I coud? then there was druged people that runed after me? they all died then there was tails? that told me to touch MR Walter-Disney's statue so i touch it. and everything got normal again. everyone appeared again? and my friends came back? now I know that Walt-Disney has dark magic.