My name is jason my father and i are very interested in ghost stories! We always finish with a fake scary costume. Our sister Melinda hates scary stories. She refuses to listen to them! One night dad looked at me with a seriuse look and said that he Heard somoene whispering help me! i believed in him. He placed a large cross close to me and said we are living they are dieng? The house sudently got pitch black. Dad vanished! I heard a child signing the alphabet silently! I saw the child she was a girl she had curly blond hair and a whit robe. She was somekind of light source! I folowed her. Then i saw a dead corps it was scrached and burned! I tried to scream but nothing went out! The dead corps grabed me! AH HELP i screamed the dead corpses arm poped out, i almost vomited from that thing! I ran as far as i coud! I saw a huge tree it didn't look harmfull! But something felt off! I was all alone. But i heard footsteps echoing in the backrond! They came closer. The tree looked dead know! I ran again! I looked behind me and saw an eyeles girl it was my sister. She looked angry at me. WHAT DID I DO! Melinda: you chose to die! I was shocked of what i heard then i fond miself in a cage the last person i saw was satan he had black eyes and dark clothes he said you are the lost soul my friend! He leughed at me and vanished! Know i now who i truly am. I'm the lost soul! Do you hear my scream!

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