A new Generation has come this is how it started.

a dragon appears out of nowhere infront of nicole

Nicole: o.o

The dragon breaths fire at Nicole

Nicole gets fried alive

She Jumps in a lake while burning

the dragon runs at Nicole as fast as it can

Nicole swims underwater in panick.

The elergy of emptiness is seen underwater Infront of Nicole as she swims

She interacts with the statue

The statue vanishes leaving Nicole comfused and lost?

She then swims to the surface and gasps for air

The dragon swims towards Nicole.

Nicole goes back under the water

the elergy of emptines apears behind Nicole

She fights it but it does not damage it.

she is confused

the dragon goes under water looking at nicole with anger.

She screams and chokes on water

She starts drowning

She all of a sudden gets teleported on an island.

She walks around the island and sees a huge golden castle and a vast forest.

ben apears behind her

She backs up calmly

Ben runs at Nicole with his smile

She runs away.

while running away She sees a humanoid wolf he is black and white.

she asks him for help

she ask him for help and he turns his head at Her

Wolf man: you need help with what

Nicole: these crazy people are trying to kill me

Wolf man: ok il attack ben

the wolf man attacks ben

the wolf man is being harmed by ben

but also food looks like its decomposing...

She is confused by the decomposing that is going on.

She Punches ben in the face saving the life of wolfman

ben retreats under water

the wolf man thanks her

but something feels wrong in the air...

NicoleSomething feels off here..oh no

She goes on a mission to find why it feels wrong with the wolfman.