i finaly found that hidin site i have been searching it for years? it was called the dark wikia at first it looked normal but when i clicked on wiki activities i saw that strange code 8769EBMP6LRT3BTDNYNYDC8YR9U5.   i translated it and i found that it meant We can see you. i changed page immediately to forget about what i just saw?  i found a strange video about someone looking thru a window smiling at the person inside! i really had no idea why this video was there? then i saw a page it was some kind of a communication page… then a picture appeared on it of one of my friends house! this time i became worried and i called the authorities but what i got back was in a deep voice Jack calling the police won’t save you!

i shutdown my computer in panic and every time i moved i heard footsteps?  WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME! i said all i got was some low screeching i started running away from that monster! i got upstairs and on the last step i felt a wet hand touching my leg i screamed and kicked it! as i ran to my room! i saw a reflection from the window then the window flung open? the creature entering on all fours and it looked skinny and he was missing his eyes also he was rotting! i really didn’t want to die but then i woke up in a hospital? in the hospital room there was a computer next to me. i looked at it and it showed the dark wikia then shortly after i heard this old whispery voice saying thanks for accepting your fate...

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